“The Universe (Latinuniversus) is all of space and time[a] and their contents,[10] including planetsstarsgalaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy. While the spatial size of the entire Universe is unknown,[3] it is possible to measure the size of the observable universe, which is currently estimated to be 93 billion light-years in diameter.” -Wikipedia

My favorite word spans all, and while it can be so described logically, cataloged, measured Without awe and wonder Without poetry, without Soul.

Mechanical, mindless drone, just popped up in vain Meaningless, non-treasured toil with nothing to gain.

But we all know better, though we forget. The child-like miracle and magic our lives are How to see with the Minds eye, Immateria Earth like an alien planet, gnostic experience.

Scientists way of saying we don’t know. Not even near By mystical coincidence that tells us more, In Finnish “Uni” translates straight as dream.

That’s why it’s my favourite word, it accidental meaning of more, how precise and philosophical, poetic it transforms.

My mind flies straight to aborigine Dreamtime. We are still imagining, singing and dancing those verses. The ones unmeasured, our consciousness our experience.

We first, in ancient Greek and India formed geometric models, as Earth in the middle, the whole of Dreamverse and a dome around it Then heliocentric, the Sun the middle, our solar system all. We seemed constantly understand nothing at all.

“The more you understand, the larger the circumference of the dark”

We kept on dreaming more around us, kept dreaming ourselves smaller.

Now time, from the ever-present past to the expanding future is our whole.

All aiming, attracted to no-time at all, either by rushing through the space close to speed of Light or gathering in huge masses bending time ’till it’s close to forever all the while.

When I was a boy, I couldn’t understand why we dreamed all so gray. Why not story of us living in trees? Adventures, and exploring free. I was bitter for long, adult life and imagination didn’t seem to agree.

Bustling, stressing and hurry in every still somehow boring deed! Gray boring block houses, advertisement as decoration I played with stick a wizard in forest, the adults dream greed

But I have found that child in me, I know I can make my world like I wish and see, curious what happens in our narrative collectively. It’s all supernatural to me. I dance along as long it goes, until the eye opens and I am we.

artist – Cameron Gray