Read Poem: Prophecy, by Kim Durham

At first sight
he looked
and felt
and smelled
as fire to me
as something inhuman
into our world
had somehow
broken free
his wolves had gone
to run the night
before returning to his sea
the night we met
In his immortal love
I learned to pray
to what
I knew
I need
but we may die here any day
sing once more
before we go
We asked him again and again
but in the end he still said,

“no…..but tell me why you continue
to seek and hunt me so
you’ve come to find me in this city
but why can’t you let me go
your commune is possessed
and you did not want to know
or see
or speak
but I earned my spurs on this battlefield
where do you stand
what will you yield
after all
this is our last and final
fucking meal
in this burnt land
and I told you I would stand
on the edge of the worlds
to usher in the dead
that this fire would touch the earth
leaving nothing unchanged
and spread
if it cuts your heart out
will you look inside
what color
what shades of red
will you find
I was there when the stars were formed
before the worlds were blind
and I will conquer this one too
excuse me
if you don’t mind
you know what I am
and always have
so do not try now
to be blind…
And most will not understand this storm
or the seeds that its dispersed
that I persuaded the devil
for a ride
until he felt coerced
I’ll love you if you’ll abide it
It wouldn’t be
the worst
In the dark with me
So come, I’ll tell you a story
if you’d like to take the time
how I bought this world for a penny hard when it’s barely worth a dime
how I told them all to come up and show me
where to draw the line
But they had nothing to say
I guess the one with the
largest teeth will always
lead the way
This world will be your murderer
When you have something real to say.
You feel too much”, he said
“So much you
make me feel this way
And my heart is undone here…
The angels are dancing as
we’re burning down our home
And how much meat if any
will be left upon the bone
After all
Its a long false line we walk
to get back home
when the last leaves fall into the fire
and you are all alone
and left behind…
ancient resurrection
diamonds in my hand
dead among the living
blood upon the sand…
I took one look at the sky and knew
long ago I should have learned
My dogs had feasted already
And the forest had long since burned
The night was scented painted bright with all we’d lost and earned
In this last war
Those that came before told me
I had died and yet remain
So if you’re going to fire that gun you better readjust your aim
This is a shoot out in the wild west
It’s is not a fucking game
And when I came here
this house of spirits
already knew my name
I had offered my life
as backing
In order to attain
something sacred
spirits watch expecting
us to transcend the laws of time
But I painted the map of the
the universe remember
the heavens
its stars are mine
and anarchy may be the consequence
of this cruel design
but if destruction be our lot
I’ll be it’s finisher
it’s author
this time … .. .”

At first sight
he looked
and smelled
as an otherworldly king
ferocious beautiful warrior
immortal burning thing ~


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