Poetry by Clint Henderson

I gave as pure as I could
with the freshest force I understood
Things of subtlest design
sudden surprising did we find
A woe alone the prophet’s divine
as does the poet long suffering for rhyme
All the beauties are made fresh, but
for a time
Oh, how the power of the Muse
being certain becomes so quickly confused
As innocent’s necessitate distinctions from their false truths
Did you come to deliver me
How easily we plumbed the depths
as infants suckle then gasp in breaths
The easy made difficult in symmetrical tests
A purer purity that before you could not be known
A vision power cast is still yet vulnerable prone
I looked everywhere for a trace of what had been
but it proved to be a fast hope with it’s punishing quick end
All the things in your voice I longed for didn’t hear
and what of the branch that just yesterday dipped so near
with its cherished fruit dear
Oh, the stage is set
and the gift of time is too soon paid as debt
The look in your eyes and the temperature that changed with each step
and the cruelest message ever written upon two lips
Ah, the way your eyes did land
a prophesy for the coolness of your hands
And what of the touch that was your kiss
And all the marks that once hit now simply missed
So the energy growing still fast
in perhaps a love that has long since passed
and the hope alone that made it seem to last
The vulnerable prone now vision casts
And so with nowhere to go
a soul whose destiny prevails alone
Laid out plain and bare
the great divide whose pain is clear
And yes, I said the things that must never be said
A shame so great were better dead
And though I was and ever will be so in love
This shall here now be known as the day my below crashed with my above
And I was left with nowhere to go
And however ashamed is proven sad
A taste of the elusive triumph
I had


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