POETRY READING: Bare Tree Branches, by Merkel1090

Performed by Allison Kampf


Caught in the wind of chance, hoping to catch a glance of a new lover romance but no one wants to stand next to me… why? I mark the resemblance of bare branches on a tree.

Ugly, hard, stiff, mad at the world… and of the blade of grass… envious. Because it’s figured out how to bend with the wind gracefully survivin. Inviting children to play in it, lovers to picnic on it and cuddle on top of it, while I alone on the hill wonder why no one sees the awesome beauty I have inside.

Filled with contempt, regret, hatred at all joyful things, as I notice its only on my branches that the song birds don’t sing… and the sun rays don’t dance upon my barked skin and my roots don’t tingle with love from within and my soil after dark is not alive with wonder… I know I’m beautiful it’s just that no one can see it through all of these layers of pain it’s buried under.

So I pray to my father for rain and ask, please cleanse me of the burden of the pain from my past. Let the first drop of your rain storms holy water fall upon my bare branches and let the last drop soak into my soil and roots to give them a blessed testimony of life’s second chances. It’s not their fault that my branches don’t bare any leaves, please don’t make them feel any more less loved than the roots of your other more fruitful trees.

Give them a chance at life so that they may grow and experience, the sweet kiss of autumn, flirt with the mistress called spring and with your hot princess summer herself have a wild seasonal fling!

Let them sing with the butterflies and dance with the ants get caught in the rapture of a gust of wind and have their own moment in time and chance to catch a glance of their own… new lover romance.

Written by Merkel1090


Author: poetryfest

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