Poetry Reading: If Only, by Sienna Feruzi

Performed by Allison Kampf


I yearn to lead you to a place unseen

A Wonder Land divine

Like a dream

Another experience

So serene.

No chaos, in or out,

No hooligans or “fooled again”s runnin’ about

No insecurities, grudges, aches or doubt

Just something new and never known

Something beyond the Mind: blown.

Something money can never buy

And somewhere for lovers, no matter how shy;

A place where lovers are always free:

I want to give you Eternity.

I want to give you the world and so much more,

But you don’t understand what’s in store.

For you don’t know how God loves you.

And you don’t know what my God can do.

My God will never judge or abandon,

But somehow, He’s misunderstood and taken for granted….

I only wish that you’d be willing

To see that my God’s so thrilling

I only wish He’d help open those eyes,

For I can only imagine how you’d be soooo surprised

God doesn’t just change– he heals and magnifies lives!

My God can remove the Darkness that is bothering you

And He wants to be Your God, too…

He can prove how much stronger and Greater is He,

If only,

If Only–

You could see.

This yearning’s my love,

But it stems from Him,

It’s all for you,

Nothing about it’s grim.

This yearning’s

Not about my love and me

If only,

If Only–

You would see.

Then you could have my jubilee.

This Wonder Land’s

Not just in another world,

It becomes real today in many, in adults, boys and girls.

It becomes real to all,

As long as they pray and answer His call.

He wants salvation not just for a select few-

Sadly not all accept it,

But I’m begging you.

I need to take you

To a place unseen…

A Wonder Land divine

Like a dream–

This burning urge is supernatural, I can’t explain–

I just want to ease up your pain

And so does God–

He always has…

He’s done it for me,

Life won’t be easy,

But overall, He’ll set you free:

If only,

If Only–

You would see!


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