Quaranxiety, by Melissa Calderon-Rougié

It’s been 30 or 40 days
At this point what’s the difference
An hour more a minute less
The silence sticks to me like a wool sweater, hot and uncomfortable
Bubbling over with every thought
Every doubt all competing in a race
For my full attention and the finish line
I feel fine
Just noticing how much these walls echo
Every step on these creaky wood floors
Louder than the last

You sure seem to have adapted well
Folding laundry, cooking, cleaning
Like any other day
I admire your ability to withstand it all
Thankful our daughter & son have you
Thankful my silence doesn’t overwhelm your strength
As it does mine
I want to rip the sweater off
But change is a process and I take my time with everything

For now I’ll comfort myself in the laughter echoing from our children
In the sunlight
Beaming through the window
And the uncharacteristic silence of our NYC street
So quiet you can hear the birds sing
I never noticed how many of them
Line up on the tree adjacent to our window
Flitting from one branch to the next
Like any other day

by Melissa Calderon-Rougié


Author: poetryfest

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