It’s me again,Lord

Thank you for the chicken mummy fried for dinner yesterday

If only she had added a little more salt, it would have been awesome.

(PLEASE DON’T TELL HER, she can easily cancel the burger king date)

Can you please allow my younger sister to forget about the Oreos ice-cream

this afternoon, so I can take it tonight and say it was a mistake?

God, (sighs deeply) is school really important?

I know the bible says that we should study to show ourselves approved but

What if I don’t want to prove myself to anybody? (throws hands up in despair)

I mean with teachers like Mr. Alphius, Mr. Lucovic and Ms. Irene,

how can I ever be happy? Ms. Irene

It’s not about her looks, ermmmmm…. She’s pretty… you created her well,

But does she know how difficult it is to meet her homework deadlines?

That woman is so difficult to convince… soooooo difficult that

On a difficulty scale from 1 to 10

She is probably like 9.92341

And about Mr. Alphius let me not even go there

He’s a pain

I cannot even ask him a simple question

Without him blasting me

I mean how I am supposed to learn if I can’t even ask questions?

Lord, I know you say we should put our trust in you and you’ll provide for us

But Checkpoint Exams is just beyond my faith.

We’ve written like 5 progression tests and I don’t know what to believe anymore

I always pray Lord; you know I do

But I never get the grades I expect

Lord, trust me, I want to have blind Faith in you

But at my age, it’s very difficult to when there are so many distractions

And my calls to you are unanswered

Dear lord I know I sin a lot like…. a lot

And always ask for forgiveness and sometimes if I was you

I wouldn’t even forgive myself

Remember the time I lied to Mr. Aikins that I had done my homework even though I spent my whole night talking to Jayden on the phone. And I was searching in my bag as if I had done it in the first place.

Lord I’m sorry for all those times that I tried to talk to you

And got distracted by my phone.

LORD! The final exams are almost here

I will put you first

I will put you second

I will put you third

In fact, its all about you, JESUS.

Please help me

I’m sorry


Finally, I have time to talk to you

With all the marking and teaching I have to do

I never have time though I know I should make time

Lord my students are failing and I don’t know what to do

Am I a bad teacher??????

Lord, I have learnt that teaching is a calling.

Could it be that perhaps you didn’t call me?

I have tried so many things but nothing has worked

In fact, my boss said if they didn’t pass their next test

I would be fired.

I can’t lose another job…. I need the money

I’m not even done with my masters

degree and I’m desperate.

How do you even select the students who come to my class?

Rosa? Lord, Rosa? Oh

What did I do wrong? I have read the story of Dr. Ben Carson but God

This 4-4-2 formation of



Chase and Anthony ………………… is just like Chelsea against Bayern Munich :3,0

Rosa and Claire…this girl never stops talking with that other girl Leila

Who doesn’t know how to respect her elders?

Oh God

Dana and Charlie…. and I’ve tried Lord. Trust me, I have.

I don’t know how to help her.

How can you get 7 out of 30 on a test about a topic I just taught the day before?

I mean is it even believable?

I feel like Chase and Anthony just want to see me have a mental breakdown.

Lord, your word says we can overcome any challenge

but these children are more than mountains

Can you make them plains?

Lord, I know I’m not supposed to complain but I’ve had enough.

You didn’t promise that the road will be smooth

but this one I am on is worse than rocky springs!

I’m calling on you Lord. Please answer.

(Sighs) O my child!

Not this again

We’ve had this conversation many times

You don’t seem to get it

How many times do I have to say

That you can’t do anything without me?

Maybe if I was the first thing on your mind in the morning

I would’ve noticed you.

It seems you only come to me in times of need

Or in tough situations.

I said in my Word that I will deliver you in times of trouble

But I also said you must love me with all you heart, soul and body.

Your lifestyle doesn’t include me and

It breaks my heart.

I need you to trust me

Trust me when I say seek me first and all the things you want

Will be yours

Trust me when I say I will be with you always

You’ve forgotten that Rosa is my child too?

Sometimes it’s just not her fault

But your fault for not knowing that foolishness

Is bound to the hearts of children

Or if you knew

You didn’t drive it away well.

You are trying your best

I can see

And you made the right choice coming to me

I’m a very jealous God

And I’ve made it very clear that I don’t tolerate any

Type of idols

I will say it clearly

Your phone is your idol

You don’t believe me?

What’s the first thing you think about when you get up?

When your mother takes it away from you

You look like a day-old baby who has been deprived of milk for 8 hours!

I miss those times when you used to read your bible everyday

And be happy to go to church everyday

Singing on the way, “everyday”

Now you find it boring ANYWAY

So next time you pray to me

Consider me,

Put me first in your life

and don’t exploit My Grace.


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