The irony, by Coco

What are you tryna do? I’m somewhat confused.
Why are you on the ground, acting like you’re bruised?

Why is it dat you seem to suffer?
When I was the one who had it tougher.
And even though I couldn’t have had it rougher,
I wished at least you were happy, duffer.

A little of smartness, with a hint of heart.
Your special recipe. Your perfect black art.
I was the one left with a bleeding heart.
So why are you acting like you’re the one hurt?

The beautiful dream that I so lovingly built,
Covered in red with the blood that you spilt.
You chose to be the one holding the hilt.
So why all of a sudden, the facade of guilt?

I was the one caged in what was your lair.
So why do you seem like the one in despair?
You take the blame and act like you care.
Trying to make me feel bad? Isn’t it unfair?

You said you liked dark but your favorite was red.
Oh how I loved you! For you, I bled.
But you wouldn’t see it. Turned your back on me instead.
And you say you loved me too now dat I’m dead?

Why are you still alone?
I thought that we were done.
You say you’re trying to atone.
But what’s dead will never be reborn.

Keep your sarcasm and your wisdom.
You can go back to where you came from.
Barge in my life and played the system.
You’re the criminal. Not the victim.

What suffering do you talk about? What pain?
When it was me who was left barely sane.
You won the battle. So why dont you go reign?
Declare yourself the king, almighty and vain.


Author: poetryfest

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