I Am Not Depressed, by @Therapy Poet

They said pain is indescribable
I didn’t understand, until I felt it,
The feeling it brings is so unspeakable
All the same I had to keep fit.

I’ve had a few bruises
Huge scars that can’t be hidden with glues,
Memories filled with hunted streets
Layers of pain; life filled with secrets.

For years, I made my bed on self pity
Tears were the only liquid offered for me to drink,
It was so because the hurt sank in deep
Time came when I had to admit…

I am not Depressed!
Maybe life was so unfair to me
Keeping me in places I could not forget
Crushing me to the point of no respect
But to this effect,
I will protect all that I have left.

I am not Depressed!
That is a statement you should ingest,
This time I totally refuse to be suppressed
This is an issue I have to address
Because unfortunately, you have transgressed.

For the last time,
I am not Depressed!
Life knocked me down just one-time
Now I’m set out on a quest,
A quest to reinvest in myself
I do not seek your opinion neither do I want you to be impressed,
But get this one sentence into your head,
I am not Depressed!

Written by
@Therapy Poet


Author: poetryfest

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