She had journeyed far from the valley below
Through many trials compelled to undergo
Ascent the hardest choice and yet no choice
Listening as she had to her own inner voice
Her focus, her life spent climbing upwards
Often two steps forward, one backwards
Determinedly she continued her endless quest
Grateful to know the mountain, deeply blessed
Looking back she sees obstacles now long gone
She knew they would pass if she only pushed on
Trials and tribulations tested if she is faint hearted
Immeasurable distance from where she started
Her ascent to the summit, her own path taken
One dimensional existence long since forsaken
And yet the path now also seems to be gone
She pondered with an open mind thereupon
Panic and worry having long since been banished
Looking back every obstacle has now also vanished
Considering her journey in her own minds eye
Dawning realisation hit her, now she could FLY!

Taken from 247 Poems

Dean Fraser – The Quantum Poet (

Author: poetryfest

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