Darkening the sky, by Melissa Chaconas

Never a breathe

Reeking puff

Deep in rocky ricky their hum vibrates

Her mind riven by loud thunderclap

Her crimson groan and knotted hair
Round a inexorable indignant beam

cough w/disgust
I know often remember or don’t
the long grain of sand time that spoiled
the pact by guile and either you or I
gave yourself/meself to this

my father says beauty fades what
remains is the brain or lack
there of

who will I go down with? It is
possible to join my forefathers.

dislodged inwardly
snapped spirit

circle technique
icicle packed echoed
banks & pools
to have stood here
earth- struggling long to stand
tweeted twirled up the other
what is left for you?
What could heed over pleading war?

I am

ready to turn & meet
the father of speech
swift from heaven
flitting, flitting
unstrung by numbness,
she knew- despairing in her
finger tips- now I withdraw.

a shame river with depth flurrying

tauntin g nerve
skill footing
half-holve’s horse
tumbled both

narrowing his eyes for
wall-battering catapult

criminal blood spirit
fled into
slackened death
gloom chill

spreading my hands
raged relic of anguish
don’t hurt heat the disappointed

terrible wanderings
neglect the plunder of
robbed responsibility

I looked at his opened mouth
teeth stained w/coffee,
sweat-smoke- his gums
but his eyes spoke
wineglass born of clay-
dissolve old masters of inexhaustible
sir-down these sit on sea love

a silent night of strength
dancing, darkness dance the dare
“maybe then she would be adorned
by real brains – not just seemingly
stupid men w/ real hands”


Author: poetryfest

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