Maine Gains— , by Melissa Chaconas

I tattoo in black
ink the word
w/ a
S is
nicer, softer
than X
marks the
in ancient
text on fingers like henna
I forget to go to
the star, the
extraord9inary special
4 ways to stuff
my dolphingates full

I need thriller results
no more making friends
laugh w/my painfully empty dates

I turn your letter inside out
rip the sides down to open a passage
and pound out soft dough
words not ready to go
mountain climbing or
bake bread 4 the hungry
Will a normal Halloween past by?
(why is that sentence strange with irony?)
Why is it a competition always
Who holds MORE
Pain? Actually I am
Pretty good w/ games

let me
give you
a great introduction
to my
silent veins
I plus
focus plus
lines from chemicals ? on my
will my palm reader
lose another
baby or go
dancing with me?
A special rate.

We play
music all the
time but who
listens? Do we
feel each other? Or
Do we “goofball”
feed off
each other?

I rewrite
& fold & rewrite

mailing this letter to my conscious self
to go visit my unconsciousness self on the hills of challenges
sneed snotty
sneed seeds slip special slumber shelters
(4) social services
(that) stop
(because of)
Brown jumping autumn elphant accepted
green growth monster that slips away

brown baby Ganesh busting w/ bountiful energies for health and home and true boundaries and luck for businesses

Will I owe my own Business?

this rabbit hole
from clark & division to Roosevelelt and opposite reverse direction
U see is if inclined filled with inspiration

this letter is made out to me
from my mother who goes wondering with pear waves and pumpkins that empress kings and make Scarborough horrors melt away with universal loving open mommy arms

don’t stop
the scarps on your knees and loose knee caps
help you grow


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