Read Poetry: COVID 19: The End or the Beginning?, by Anjana Dutta

LIFE before was a race!
The worldly goods and possessions, we would chase!
But these unpredictable days taught us to not run in a race but to live in the ‘phase’.

The use of internet to this extent could never have been thought!
Meetings from offices, meaningful lessons from institutions, to home it brought.
Corona, a devastation everywhere to be seen OR a virus that has come to clean?
Too many countries are on lockdown,
And see the change- our mother nature is now clean and wearing a crown!

And paradise changing to graveyards?
People are struggling, no food to feed the masses?
Humans are caged and places are shut down,
But animals are moving freely in the town.

I’m thankful to the people who take risk for us,
Let’s pray for these people who are doctors, saviours and the real warriors.
In light of the troubles we have today,
There are a few things I would like to say;

Social distancing must be embraced
For the virus to get completely erased.
Let’s love things a little more,
Let’s value our nature to the core;

Appreciate the skills we have found in us.
Let’s stay strong and not make a fuss.
This deadly virus is not less than a battleground for us,
Let’s fight, overcome obstacles and achieve success!

Author: poetryfest

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