Read Poem: May Wonderful Things Frighten You, by Jeremy Santiago López

The steaming icicle plunges
Into a receptacle,
Explosions now implosions,
The maestro looking,
The ballerina, once again, swirling and twirling,
The seat gripped, the seat gripping the man,
Froth forming under pressure,
Please pass me the ladder
So that I may descend
into a bottomless vale of
Slow-mo, but I never use it,
I want to fuse it,
To intermingle with you,
A cherry, strawberry smoothie so piquant,
Your secrets escaping, so revealing,
Frequent lashing and blinking,
Timorous Timothy and his rigorous mysteries
Leading no one to victories.
We have returned in bolting shadows,
Ghosts stalking themselves
Because there is NO ONE left to haunt.
Humanity will have absolutely reached a point of no return:
Everyone will no longer hunt,
As no flesh will exist,
Everyone will no longer swim,
For the brimming sands will substitute the placid oceans,
Everyone will no longer love,
For hatred will govern.
Slow …
Motion …
Too many blurs,
Senseless blurbs—remember that merging
May be catastrophic
And unwieldy.
A mouthful of breathing … rapid expansion,
A wet, damp and mewling kitten
In high-traffic intersections
Late night in New York City,
Warmth exceeding,
The cold receding,
Ropes and ropes of it
That scissors just kept on slicing,
Initiatives of remorse,
Her hair immovable,
A baleful and divine reddened gawk,
Pelts splintering like porcelain,
Disastrously worn ceramic,
Resolute sown strands placated
As a curved streak cracked
As his were vacated,
For it was freedom to peer at her wisdom,
Freedom was to notice each rise,
To be witness to the myriad of furrows,
All with such surprise,
The sunrise
At my rear,
No cries
To be heard
From by dear,
The dancer fossilized,
The virtuoso there to forever harmonize,
As no one may improvise
Upon a stage worthy of such stately enterprise.

Blur, dearest,
Blur me,
Fertilize and criticize me,
Carbonize me,
Fantasize about me,
about you, lil’ birdie on
the ferries with the fairy,
About us—
Paralyze and stylize me.
So, wish I, to anesthetize
Your entirety,
To remove you from these floods,
To synchronize as how digits polarize,
And symbolize
A winter with end,
A winter that will not terrorize
The furry, heavy, and burnished petals of the unwilted
In the lake.


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