Read Poem: Ribbon Ceremony by Zawadi Eaton

Agonizing Soul, I Cut THE RED RIBBON TO FREEDOM. Releasing the anguish of my dark past, I’m no longer paralyzed from the lies that held me bond. The walls of Jericho have crumbled. My stony heart has turned to joy. My heart rejoices in the rhythms of our ancestors drums. My river of tears are dried up, My Face, scarred of contaminating acid of demeaning words.

I Cut THE RED RIBBON TO FREEDOM. My Voice is boundless; unmuted from the Trauma; shout songs of praise, underground Negro Spiritual hymns “Song of the Free”. The River runs red with my blood. Flowing freely down the Nile bank. The lotus, the regeneration of life, the refreshing spring cleanses my soul.I found peace, and now, I rest on mellow grass.

I cut the RED RIBBON TO FREEDOM from the venomous words, spoken from the fragmented heat. I release the restricted, expectations, unrealistic Cinderella fairy tales.

I cut the RED RIBBON TO FREEDOM I unlock the iron, shackles encircling my feet, my hands, and my neck. Mm mm! The taste of my freedom is sweet honey combs, slowly dripping, and landing, on my thick lips. Awe! Forgiveness has set me free.

I cut the RED RIBBON TO FREEDOM. An eagle trying to fit in with birds. I Rise. Ascending, soaring in my strength. Gliding effortlessly, against the strong winds, hurricane rains, fierce storms. My strong wings stretch wide. East, south, north, and west. I dance to the rhythm of the whistling winds, rejoicing in the beauty of my glide. Guided, by the gentle wind, weaving through the thick clouds. Coasting, effortlessly, in the fiery radiant skis. The breeze softly whispering. Free.

I Cut the RED RIBBON TO FREEDOM shouting from the rooftops. Victorious warrior. I tear off my garments of sorrow and pain. It’s a new season filled with new wine and refreshing April rains. My body is purified with sweet oils of myrrh. Behold it’s a new season, and I’ve done a new thing, I have covered all my nakedness of shame.

I Cut The RED RIBBON TO FREEDOM. a new blushing bride, my countenance sparkles, glittering, with flakes of gold. The sunshine, glaring, on my face. Charms radiate colors of aura. Purple, violet, and blue royalty and piety.

I Cut The RED RIBBON TO FREEDOM. No More Chains. No More Sadness. No More Shame. No More Lies. No More Pain! Forgiveness has set me free

I Am Free

I Am Free


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