Read Poem: WAVE IN THE OCEAN, by Szandra Vetési

I am a wave in the ocean.
Lost and small,
Lingering on the surface.
Wandering from here to there.
But I have the ability to transform.
To become greater than myself.

I have seen new places,
I have met new faces.
But all that is so fragile.
All faded.
They come and go.
And I stay here again all alone.

I am a wave in the ocean.
The water is dark as hell.
There is nothing underneath.
Only pain fell.
How long must I wander?
How far shall I go?

I run as far as I could,
But my feelings found me,
Over and over again.
Now I need to stop!
No more hiding.
No more run.

I am a wave in the ocean.
Small and so delicate.
But never once made me break.
Never even suffocate.
I am atop the current,
I am on the top of the current.

Because I am a wave in the ocean.
I am just one of all.
But I am who crossed the ocean,
I am who made it through.
I thought all the storms,
To see the rainbow.

Szandra Vetesi


Author: poetryfest

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