Read Poem: My mask, by Stellar

My mask will start cracking and soon you will know,
My mask will start breaking and soon it will show,
I’m not really happy, it’s all been an act,
I’m only pretending, and now my mask’s cracked,
You’ll see how my sadness has torn me apart,
You’ll know my joy was fake from the very start.

I will have to hide it, from those who will care,
I need to conceal it, leave you unaware,
I’ll make me a new mask, yeah, that’s what I’ll do,
I’ll make me a new mask to hide from you,
I’ll start with the smile, I’ll make it all bright,
So you never notice my lack of delight.

Then I’ll make the eyes and they’ll twinkle like stars,
I’ll wear longer sleeves so they cover my scars,
I’ll also add glasses to go with the eyes,
I am very proud of my brand new disguise,
I hope you won’t notice how much I am trying,
To make it all seem like inside I’m not dying,
To make you believe my happiness is true,
To make you believe that, instead of the truth,

The truth is I’m dead, have been for a few years,
The truth is I go to sleep drowning in tears,
The truth is sometimes I just wish I would jump,
And then I wouldn’t have to live in this dump,
The truth is you’re the only one who still cares,
The truth is that’s why I want you unaware,
Of all of this pain and of my broken heart,
That I knew I could never fix from the start.

So thank you, my friend, for always being there,
So thank you, my friend, just for showing you care,
So thank you, my friend, thanks for helping me smile,
So thank you, my friend, our friendship was worthwhile.
But I must be leaving, no, I cannot stay,
I’m sorry, I wish that it wasn’t this way,
Just know that I love you and I always will,
And if you forget me, I will love you still.

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(The genres are: Dark, Painful, Rhyme, and Sad)


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