Read Poem: Shaken from inside, by mdtaslim

Shaken from inside
I am sitting alone on a hill top
Looking at the passer by below
A small boy in half pant and T-shirt
Is coming towards me
He is becoming bigger and taller
He is happy with books
He is happy while playing
He is reaching near me
He is holding a hand of a very beautiful girl
They are laughing together
He has come nearer
Holdings the hands of two little kids
They are looking happy and blessed
I don’t know why?
Far away
A lonesome tree
I feel as if is lost in prayer
Standing erect
Head bent down
As if murmuring some thing
I get mesmerized
It entices me
Sometime when I see
leafs dancing and singing
Their laughter entice me
Many times
A woman walking at a distance
Appears to me
As if there goes my mom
I start running towards her but
When I see her
I feel sad
She was not my mother
Many times this happened
With me
Why I don’t know?
I forget
Once gone from the world
Can never come back
Even then I hope
Why I don’t know?
Once I decided to meet
I started my journey in my sleep
While I was going to his house
a person met me
He asked
Where are you going?
I told
I am going to meet GOD
He told
He is coming from there
He remained waiting at his gate but
It didn’t open
So he is coming back from there
He told me about
GOD’S gate and way to reach there
He even tried to convince me
That it is not a futile approach
But I started my journey and
I reached at GOD’S gate
Started waiting…
Some one started shaking me
I saw a woman near me on my bed
I asked her
Who are you?
Why you are on my bed?
She started shaking me
I repeatedly went on asking her
Who are you?
She started weeping
I was unable to recollect
My name
I got terrified
I became nervous
All of a sudden
Photo strips started running
Infront of my eyes
Each strip was having
Photographs of two people
All of sudden
I saw my mother and father
Smiling in a frame
I remembered my name
I drank a glass of water and
Asked my weeping wife to sleep
I convinced her of my being well but
I was shaken from inside
I learnt the meaning of
Life and death
Water flows through river
To meet with sea
To become part of the sea
In the process
River looses it’s identity
It is easy to say
It is difficult to experience
I am shaken from inside
If I wouldn’t have got
My identity back?
No pain no pleasure
No heat no cold
No rain no snow
No sun no moon
Nothing would be required
What is love
What is hatred
If I am not what I am then
Nothing is required
Lonesome tree
My mother who is not alive
I would have become part of them
Would I have been happy?
I don’t know
I am shaken from inside.
O! merciful GOD.
Have mercy on me



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