Read Poem: Is It Because I’m black, by Jermal Perkins

Is it Because I am black
Is it Because I am different from
You seen me And I seen you
We looked at each other
I seen the anger in your eyes
I continue walking down the street
It was pretty dark outside
I heard the Sirens going off
You write something down on your notepad
You get a call on your Walkie talkie
You stopped me , my heart beating fast
My heart thumping oh so fast
Wondering what I did wrong
Was it something I did
Was there something I should have done
Why did you stop me ?
Why ? Is it because I don’t look like you
That I don’t have the same skin color as you
That I don’t have the same hair color as you
Is it because I don’t talk like you ?
Why ? Can you answer me ?
Can you tell me ?
You give me no reply
You ask me to put my head on the car
I was too scared to response
What could I say ?
I sit there
I don’t answer
I set there in the dark silent
My heart dropped
Dropped right there on the floor
I was afraid to pick it up
You search me without my permission
You throw me on the car
I fall on the ground
I decided to stay down
Afraid to pick myself back up again
Afraid because you would just throw me back down again
It has happened so much that I’ve got use to it
I’ve got used to the pain, the struggle
I’ve got use to this feeling
All I could think is here we go again
Again with feeling of being so useless
I felt oh so useless
There was nothing I could do
What could I do ?
Who put you up to this ?
Did someone tell you to do this ?
Was it him over there in the window ?
Was he afraid of me ?
Was he Afraid of me because of who I am ?
Why do you keep putting me down ?
I just don’t understand
Is it because I’m black , can you tell me why ?


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