Read Poem: From kind to curious, by Bob Di Cerbo

is a mighty big leap
too careful for the carefree
too cautious for the risky

From blindness to mindful
is more than hide and seek
or so it seems
resting here in fugitive shadows
where knowledge
is naughty
and shameful is lost

where beauty is measured in
shouts and frets
and to go against masters is
the game
while equipped only
with a simple child’s aim

The ancients know the mystery
laughing now in holy death
a tremendous roar in near silence
that barely the wise may hear

where knowledge is naughty
and shameful is lost
where wild becomes tame
where the adage is never aged
saying always what will be best
is simply to keep that
child’s aim

Oh so you say it’s a poor poet’s plea
hidden in common rhyme, lost in
daily meter
where reason taunts with rawness
scaring and scarring some seasoned tales
of make believe comfort
where acceptance reigns regal, where there’s
no need to blame
where a simple child
has simply lost his aim


Author: poetryfest

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