Poetry by Hayden Bownds

Does it get any easier I cried with grief in my eyes?
He tilted his head and sighed as he caressed his throat and his lips began to curl.

Then out came a lamenting reply, mumbling a subtle no and a nimble hand to my shoulder.
An overwhelming embrace and as the tears welled the truth became unveiled.

He explained, this is it kid better familiarize yourself with the elusive side of life.
Elicit your interests but not just for momentary instants.

It’s time to make up your mind and defeat your strife.
Realize your potential and forget about the adverse memories that cause affliction interminable.

He took a step back and held a curious smile. We aren’t much different you and me.
They come and go, the cheerful laughs and unwilling sorrow.
The only difference is I’ve found relief.

You’ve been all glitz and glamour up until now, don’t hold out on me let me know how.
A brief pause and a silent inhale, then the solution was expelled

Put down your tongue and open your heart, for the internal war isn’t finished,
but has only begun and you’re toe to line at the start.

Your advice has been cut and dry and has given me something to ponder. Do I know you from before?
He extended his hand for me to shake and said, my child more than you think.

I am you and you are me. As I grasped his hand in wonder, he dissipated into an electric mist
holding the remnants of a memory.


Author: poetryfest

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