Read Poem: Bargain with Wildness, by Amy Hoskins

A brotherhood of winter birds
Acclimate above the snow
At the feeder we can barely
Keep full

Gentle Mother’s white blanket
Has touched us all with a new
Silence. Comfort inside
Terror and chills without
The wild survive somehow

A new gun shot across the street
At Shute Park. Just one shot
this time.
I run to the window
See nothing except snow.
Two men leaving each other.
One still
One running
No bodies. No blood to show.

A return to innocence
For now

Inside out
I’m irritable after days
Being snowbound
Four inches more on the way

The silence is thick.
Light is blinding from the Sun.

Two nights ago at dusk and
Light fluffy snow falling
Giggles and laughter from
Kids enjoying their first snow
In the deep dark.
Videos, selfies,
Multiple gunshots a block away
The laughter stops.
Resumes with a peculiar humor
At the absurdity of life and death
On a hair trigger, and
then they are

More snow on the way
The thick blue comforter
Spares us all night.
Space heater, door closed
To steward the heat.
The rest of the house
left to the struggling HVAC
Already in auxiliary mode.

We have power, heat.
Food, friends in our bubble.
Fireplace with fire and
Breakfast casserole to share.

We disregard the bullet holes
Only to find joy in closeness.
Proximity to the frailty.
Life is precious. Absurd.
Glorious and fleeting.
Depending where you are.
Who you are.

For now the snow gives the
Semblance of equal grace.
It melts with rain next week.

A brotherhood of birds at the
Feeder. We keep our
Bargain with wildness.


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