Read Poem: Feminism, by Chaz Fatur

Feminism by definition is equality of the sexes by right
There are good guys wiling to fight
The sun shines bright in the day, the moon at night.

Wo-Man, Fe-Male have unfortunate masculine tendencies for her
Unfair sexist innuendos can hurt and deter
Strong independence, sharp mind are weapons for sure…

Our bodies are different, but united they create life
First step is to court, love, then become a wife
Most Men promise not to cause her strife…

We are a separate gender this much is true
This should not forge inequality for me and you
Many years of suffrage, not to misconstrue…

To vote, to drive, to work is all they desire
Pull their weight, if qualified then hire
Equal wages will be baptism by fire…

As many years have passed us by
We should have learned not to turn a blind eye
No more excuses, if unsure, then ask why(?)!


Author: poetryfest

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