Read Poem: Snow White, by Thomas M. Lister, Ed.D.

She was everything she wasn’t,
She became everything she was.
The poison well hidden,
The mirror doesn’t lie,
The apple once bitten,
Tis time for the dream to die.
All that glitters is not gold,
All life’s dreams,
A marriage cannot hold,
Promises turn cold.
The sacrifice must be made,
To God the father,
The debt of hate,
Must be paid,
Before it’s too late,
By the psychic blood of an innocent man,
With the touch of love in his hand.

Childhood scars,
The poison they create,
Adult anger seething,
For love to disintegrate,
Promises of love that binds,
Poison seeps from the subconscious mind.
The damage is done,
There will be no daughter, no son.
The decay of love begins to smell,
As Snow White takes him to Hell.
With unrelenting rage, she turns,
He watches helplessly as her spirit burns,
In eternal hate,
For a man so vicious, so cruel,
From which there is no escape,
It’s now too late.

She runs from him,
Into the darkness, away from the light.
In terror she flees,
Daddy, daddy, please help me,
She begs feebly.
Her hate transcends space and time,
She could never be mine.
The transformation is complete,
Her soul is lost, the descent too steep,
There can be no escape, from her fate,
She gazes into the mirror of life,
And sees only his shadow of her hate.


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