Read Poem: GREY GOO, by Talyn Edelson

How frequencies can so easily weave into each other
Makes me feel confused
I walk my own unpredictable path
But if the shiftings of energy will do as they do
We are all screwed
We are all used
As pawns in this system we are sorely abused

Can we control our energies, paradoxically so
Or will the time-space continuum keep us with its flow

Our time ticks by
Measurements defined by us hominids survive
We see others flock to chase things in their minds

Is freedom a lie if death inevitably arrives?

We are, simply-put, cogs in this place
Where even our space is full of particle waste

We aren’t allowed the honor of expanding our souls
But to get us out of this solar system, is a worthwhile go get ’em
To be rid of this gravity that is the force of our rhythms

Before dark matter sweeps in and absorbs all our sins
Before parallel universes can be happily jumped in
To play with your friends, you
Have to lose your mind enough to not be ashamed
Of all being the same, of knowing we all came, together
Frame by frame, in this cyclical game
Keep pushing forward, they say,
And maybe something worthwhile will happen your way before the end of your days
To pacify a piece of your childish brain
Truth be told,
It doesn’t really matter.

The universe owes us nothing and
They grey goo will get us anyway.




Author: poetryfest

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