Read Poem: SPEAK OUT, by Jerome T. Covington

So…my face met hands and feet once again today
But I’m confused more than afraid
He said, “I love you”…she said, “I got you”
But then I remembered my parents telling me, “I brought you in this world, I’ll take you out of it.”
As they beat me hand and foot too!
Now…what do I do?
Everyone I give my heart to comes with a foot or a fist
Trying to love and turn the other cheek but now I’m pissed
Me and self-had a conversation today
I said touch me again and see what happens
You may be afraid I might fly off like a falcon
My silence scares you
You think all I think about is you, or how to get back at you
But I really love and trust God so I want HIM to stop you
All I keep hearing in my head is “LEAVE!!!” and “RUN!!!” But….
If I do that…my back may get the bullet from the gun
Might flip the story around to make me look like the bad one
But then I hear,
“Fear Not”
“Be of good courage” and
“Don’t be afraid for I Am with you wherever you may go”
So I gather my things to leave
While they’re not looking, I flee at the first opportunity
You’re in God’s hands now
I can’t be found so don’t try looking me
I didn’t want to leave the life I built
Months and years spent building a relationship
Thinking if I leave how much time was wasted
Now realizing my life and safety are more important

Copywriting © All Rights Reserved
~JSpeaks The Poet~


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