Read Poem: GARDENER AT HOME by Alfonso Velis-Tobar

I woke up working in the garden today
Cutting the weeds that grow
Among the good flowers
I weed out the bad
Quietly working the land

Strengthening my heart in movements
A cherry blossomed white and tulips
The machete tied to my waist
gloves against
The cruel blood drawing thorns

Flowers by the good hands of my beloved
A palm hat on my head
A bottle of water in hand
a beer
There’s mist in the foggy dark

Jumps the squirrel
a seagull suddenly flies
From there to where today we sing
My desire to touch the wind and the clouds
Alone I stand at the dawn of spring

And the long stare dominates
the forest with a river that runs through
I heal the land from the worms that dry out the plants
In the baskets soon the cocoons will form
And butterflies jump in their natural magical flight

Memories of years passed also come
Away from the motherland that I keep in the heart
There I used to wake when the rooster would sing
Even when the cool wind would softly blow

By the hinge of the doors of that one house
How the hunger eats the roots of plants
The sunrise woke me glad to carve the yard
I’m learning to cultivate squash and legumes

Under the shade of the cherry blossom basking in the sun
When the buds bloom
alder perfume shall sprout
And orange rosebuds
and red Carnations
Aroma of fresh breeze comes from the south with flocks of ducks

Next door I hear someone work
and the dog barks
I hear the distant murmur of the forest within the chants of birds
I’m pleased to work wherever the wind takes me
Oh sister nature doer of life doer of death
The heavens are serene asleep the Hummingbird remains
Already the sun has collected the entirety of my shadow…

Alfonso Velis-Tobar
(Unedited poetry 2019)


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