Read Poem: The Ripper, by Martin Cox

My heavy heart ached as I faced the unsavory truth.
You did it again.
Did it so well. Discernible improvement.
Practice making perfection.
Surgically sophisticated. Sadistic fulfillment.
Your handiwork, sickeningly unmistakable. Styled.
Then, decampment. Precipitous. Complete.
Undoubtedly proud of your bestial performance.
Melding into the all-enveloping blackness of eventide.
A shroud bestowing sanctuary, at least ’til morn.
Your victim, now unrecognizable as human.
Naked, flayed, ultimately postured. Debased.
As others have been, post your fiendish attention.
I vowed I would seek you out. Track you down.
A human bloodhound on the scent.
Baying at a spectral full moon.
Oh, lucent orb, my silent witness.
Glowing in your borrowed illumination.
A faux sun mocking my perceived futility.
Smug, conceited, waxing, waning. Tacit.
A feckless, astral, deserted rock.
Knowing so much but proffering so little.
My disappointment in you, boundless.
But, now is the time to change tack.
Swiftly move on. Pastures anew. Reanimate.
A map has gained my attention, above all else.
A unique map, to be protected, guarded.
A spatial arrangement of ridges and valleys.
Though no cartographer’s hand was employed.
This, you left behind in your haste to withdraw.
A careless accident?
Perchance a clue?
A roadmap to your lair?
Maybe a flagrant effort to ensure capture?
Satiating the infamy you so perversely crave?
Or simple ignorance of Galton’s work?
Whatever. However. Capture you, I will.
I resolve to trace every line, every contour,
Each high and every low, until I am cognizant.
Knowing not where you hide, skulking.
For that, I will tarry until apprehension is assured.
From whence I will drag your putrid being,
To face a jury of your peers and ultimate justice.
Until that time, my sui generis bounty will provide me a name.
Your name you bastard…..
As a unique fingerprint, oft-times will.


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