Read Poem: I Need a True Friend, by Patricia Dorian

If I begged you on my hands and knees
To split my head open
Would you refuse or would you agree?
If I were drenched in gasoline
Would you strike the match that would set my free?
If In the middle of the road I stood
Would you run my down if you could?
Or would you slam the breaks like a good boy should?
If I held a dagger upon my heart
Would you push my hands to tear it apart?
Or would you take away the dagger right from the start?
If I had a rope around my neck
And I’d be standing on a wooden stool
Would you push the stool and give a heck?
Or would you be a spinless, stupid fool?
If I gave you a loaded gun to empty inside my head
Would you laugh at me and run?
Or would you use it ‘till I’m dead?
After all, all I need is a true friend
To help me end my End


Author: poetryfest

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