Read Poem: The Best Of Friends, by Pastor Janet M. Fears

We can never let them know
of the love we have
they would only denounce it
and make it seem so bad
you are married to someone else
and I am married too
but it hasn’t stopped
the love I feel for you
we live in different houses
but on the same street
we speak cordially
whenever we pass or meet
we’re in the same social circle
my husband is your best friend
and your wife and I shop together
when the week comes to an end
from all outward appearances
we’re all the best of friends
while in our hearts we hide a secret
that could bring it all to an end
I wish that I could tell them
that our love is just and true
and I’ve never loved anyone
the way that I love you
but instead, we live our separate lives
and go on from day to day
doing our daily duties
in a very family way
our love will stay a secret
that’s how its always been
to those who live around us
we’re just the best of friends!


Author: poetryfest

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