Read Poem: Different Not Less, by Loved Unloved

I have autism which makes me special just like you
I have weaknesses and strengths too

I want you to know things, that may be hard for me to show
Please be patient with me and help me grow

Life may be filled with people, but it’s hard to approach
Sports, I like to play, but never the right coach

Noises and sounds can be too much to hear
I’ll gladly accept you covering my ears

Some fabrics of clothing can cause pain to my body that’s so severe
Please don’t touch me without asking or stand too near

I may be socially awkward because I’m usually alone
But that’s not a choice, I made on my own
I may think a bully wants to be my friend
I struggle to start conversation and don’t know where to end

I may need an aid, a schedule and/or routine
I may think you’re friendly when you’re actually mean

My brain doesn’t develop the same way as yours
Some food I won’t eat due to its texture or more

I may have a meltdown that could last or fly by
I want to tell you but don’t understand why

Something you say I may misunderstand
I’d rather you show me so I can understand
I am very smart, but may need some extra help too
It may be hard to participate in the same things you do

If you see me sitting alone, I don’t want to be
It’s hard to ask, but I’d be happy if you joined me

I’d love to be your friend, I really do
But I don’t know how and need some help from you

I may have autism and sensory issues too
That may make me different, but never less than you


Author: poetryfest

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