Read Poem: Digesting Reality, by Hayden Bownds

The Breeze, vision and vocals are the symphony; a life of cacophony.
Our minds, thoughts and faculties are the metronome of symmetry.

In sync and designated for Perfect harmony.
A whisper or a shout, a wave or an embrace, all a culmination of physicality.
Stare deep into the soul of melancholy – a shell of similitude. A replica of what will do.

A craft of severance, a sheer slip in happenstance, a flippant glance of remembrance.
Lost in circumstance, revitalized without a chance.
Aloof and fuddled in ineptitude circumvents relevance – gleaming for something better understood.

Trying to approximate our existence in measures of dates and occurrences leads us further from the promises.
A life void of destitute situations, spawned by oracular vibrations.

The wind and words are the sound of decisions observed through the imperial lens of confusion.
Our heads keep spinning with the deity that’s most trendy and what couldn’t save the ancient empires from sinking.

Volumes of thoughts surfacing. Where am I, what’s happening? I can hear it – someone’s speaking.
An echo of the world’s catastrophes, the undulating quake of epiphany.

The shimmering strobe is electrifying. It shouts thunderously through the void, penetrating the waning reluctance intensely.
It engulfs my everything, filling my being intrinsically.

The blood, the water, the life force that keeps my heart beating; your the source that keeps my eyes seeing.
The accolade of camaraderie. The absolute origin of everything.

Movements, thoughts, speech the delicate imbuement of things real or imaginary.
A well spring of inspiration, a spirit of information; seeking you springs a youth of education.

Through the waves roaring or the leaves rustling; it’s up to no one but me to decide if I’m listening.
Real or faux, the splendor of the unknown elicits hope. A subsidiary of grandeur a sense of carnality; a familiarity of duality. Someone who illustrates the fundamentals of caring.

Wake up. Realize your prominence is deafening. Maybe we’ve always existed and we’re just waiting for something to breathe us into affirmation. An answer that reveals the belief or question; it’s the epoch of infatuation.

Love, Lust and Betrayal are at the center of life’s devastations, but if we look upon you, we’ll unequivocally recognize that we aren’t bound by deluded limitations.

You are the creator and we are all of your creations.
Soon enough all knees will bow and every eye will see, we aren’t shackled and struggling, we are free.
In you we are free.


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