Read Poem: Another Love, by Martin Cox

When we first met I thought I was the luckiest man in the world.
I had found not only true love…but my true love.
We shared the same ideals, thoughts, and principles, blending completely as we enjoyed our own unique company.
When we stepped out, I was so proud. Having the most beautiful, talented but self-effacing lady by my side was indeed a dream come true.
The times we spent together were magical. The times apart, agony in the extreme.
Eventually, we became man and wife and like all marriages there were some bumps in the road but through it all, we supported each other, surmounting every setback…including at times ourselves.
Looking back, we achieved many things together. Some small, others monumental but all with a good measure of humility and a keen sense of gratitude to God for guiding us in everything we accomplished.
We have surely come a long way….
But recently I have found a new love. A strong woman who has conquered countless battles, both physical and emotional.
A woman who laughs, cries and thinks like me.
A woman who encourages me when my head is bowed and brings me back down to earth when it starts to swell.
A woman whom I know I will always try for….A woman whom God knows I would gladly die for.
This woman is someone we both know, but someone we have undoubtedly under-appreciated. Someone who is caring, giving, and brave beyond where I could or ever would dare to venture…
…And this woman is you my darling.
I have watched and wondered as the woman I first met and loved has grown into a partner that I rediscover on a daily basis.
I truly believe that we are now in a place where our relationship is like no other, as I embark on my odyssey to find more nuances of your beautiful personality, for me to worship with every fiber of my body, soul…my whole being, today, tomorrow and evermore.


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