Read Poem: Unique Footprint, by John Rota

Your golf swing is your unique footprint.

Your signature, your handwriting; it is the way you laugh, the way you cry;
it is your voice.
When you swing the club, no one can swing the club exactly like you have.
Yes, technically, it follows the angles and rules of the proper swing,
but the way you do it, no one does it quite the same way you do.

Or will ever do.

The golf swing is your signature in motion.
Your tag. Your fingerprint.

Your golf swing is unique to the world.
It is saying something about you that you can’t say yourself.
A physical message.
An athletic telegram,
from you.

Such a complex athletic motion that requires concentration,
muscle coordination, balance, and vision.

Your golf swing is your handwriting.
Is it hardly legible scribble or is it beautiful calligraphy?

Your swing is a reflection of you.
It is you.

Are you loud or soft spoken? Are you aggressive or more timid?
Your swing, the way you play reflects exactly those traits you possess in life.

It is the way you dance.
The way you sing.
Who you are and where you are from.
What you do and how you view the world.

More psychics should read golf swings rather than palms.
The swing tells you a helluva lot more about a person.

Unspoken and unforced.
A portrait you paint with each swing.
It is pure movement.


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