Read Poem: LOVE, by Brandon Stroughter

It’s our pursuit
Since we are newborns in birthday suits
From the womb to the tomb
Ingrained in our DNA
That thing they call L-O-V-E
Rainbows and butterflies
Sunny days and blue skies
That feeling you can’t describe
When you look into their eyes
We are all in search
Like a lighthouses glow upon the water in the darkest of nights
Or a plane in search at the highest of heights
We wish and we pray
That one day
Someone will come and sweep us off our feet so that we will no longer have to stand
Instead we will levitate
To a different and better state
To be as one you must find the one
If you’re lucky you’ll find them early in life it won’t take much time
But even one second with the one is worth a lifetime
You see when he met her and she meant him
They might not have known it, but at that moment
Their stars aligned in synchronization
That rewarded their patience
For waitin
Some call it fate
Some call it destiny
I call it an inevitability
You can’t run
You can’t hide
You never know when it will strike
All we can do is embrace our innate desire to have love and be loved
True love
Real love
The type you can feel love
Not the story book or rom-com
Or tinder or
You’ll know it when it happens
When you find that 1 out of 7.8 billion
Only that 1 will matter, the rest will dissolve
Disappear like a Thanos snap
Leaving you with no time to react
is love exemplified
They are love personified
So as he looks at her and as does she
It makes us all wonder how lucky we could be


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