Read Poem: Once upon a time, by Richard M. Knittle Jr.

Once upon a time is the way it started with
happily ever after the way, I wished it would
have ended just like all the childhood fairy
tales that always promise a knight in shining armor
riding upon his beautiful white horse to save
the day or even a Hero of some sort to slay a
dragon just before he ruined our wedding day
that is, after all, how it is supposed to be, is it
not? Boy meets girl, they kiss, get married, have kids,
then pass on in this life holding the other hand
still in love forevermore. I can still taste her lips
on mine from our very first kiss, just as our
two hearts started beating to the same song, the
same one they had both written together so
long ago and even though she might have
forgotten all the words and maybe even the
beautiful tune, the music still and always will
keep on playing way deep down in my soul
until the end of all time just like the melody
along with all of those memories will forever
play like a full-blown symphony in my mind
even though they all say that time’s supposed
to heal all pain. Mostly that is true
the fact of the matter is I will never get over
you and now you are gone, moving on with
your life as I am stuck trapped somewhere in
the past, yet whenever I hear your name, a smile
appears as my foot taps out a familiar beat
as my feet move like I am dancing in the street
as my hips start to grind at the memories of
making love to you start to find a place in my
heart, causing it to pound out the beat of the
music it used to need every
single night, as I start to think because before
we met our lives up until then were separated
by many miles of land and oceans through all
of the fabric of time, who would have known that
as fate would have it we would meet, causing
all of the falling stars to realign above us creating
an atmosphere of chaos and confusion which
somehow forced us to spend time and feelings
on one another to really get to know each other
that is when we shared all the words to a very
a beautiful song about love like our two
hearts began playing to the same tune beating
out all the rhymes and rhythms while they
were documenting the reasons we should be
together as that is when our souls
got involved then started dancing closely together
under the stars, the moon, heaven, and all of
the angels, above.


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