Read Poem: Big Mama, by Johnnie Mack 

Her hands divided into 360
Sun flowers bowed before her
The stars martyred themselves as thread
For the revolution
She hummed the music of the spheres
A tune in her head
As she wove the universe from every corner
Until she made it to the middle of the universe
A black hole larger than any sun
Her quiet place
The spot where her thoughts get caught up
The bad ones
History repeats itself blisters of memory
And prophecy
Time is not linear
Sun flowers bow before her
Floating in the garden of the galaxy
Her brown eyes in retrograde
Her heart a super nova
Looking at the pain of the chain around the neck of the slain
Her kin, her children
Lambs in a den of lions
The great mother pauses
She who braided the universe into plats stopped
Reconsidered if anything differed if she changed one flick of her wrist
Were her children of a darker hue destined to be used and abused
She wept
Asteroids cracked
Comets flew into the sun
The stars multiply in hopes that their shine would cheer her
All of what she made swirled around her hum
Her drum
Her song
Her lamentations of her creations
Even her black hole was loud with the music of her pain
But as she repented to twist braids
In her travail and labor she gave birth to those who are alive
Made their melanin magical
The mitochondria to all humanity
To remind the off spring to fall in line so summer can be longer than winter
She hummed this mom
This galactic diva
She wrote spells and incantations on our skin
So in times when our stress sinks within
Her sun on our skin can begin to shine the light
And recharge the melody
The music of the spheres
The song of hope that helped the mother give
To all colors dyes hues electrical reflections of
Light, Big Mama gave her milk to the Spectrum
To overcome the crashing planets
To joy in the life of life
Love you Big Mama


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