Read Poem: THE VILLAIN’S TALE, by Adrija Jana 

This a story unlike any other
Once upon a time, people could not find the opposite of “Hero” aha!
While it might seem adventurous and quite interesting
Mind you, the tale is gory and a teensy bit frightening!

There was once a little big man
He stayed home all day long under the fan
Smells of mountains of food had to accompany him near
He required 10 litres of milk every hour

He had a bungalow full of servants
And a wife or two to dote on him
Though they all seemed to serve him reverently
One day he discovered a fact furtively

The servants all thought he was a fat man surviving on others’ labour
His wives said he was a good for nothing fellow, no fervour
This ignited in him an urge to do something
“Why not try my hand at social service?” he started to think.

“A good man never boasts of his good deeds,” a wise man said
So he decided to keep his work a secret
That night he dressed up with a mask in full black
And saw a thief sneaking into his neighbour’s through in the shed a crack

In flew our hero right to his neighbour’s balcony
Intercepted the thief and took back the furniture of mahogany
At this moment the mistress of the house came face to face with him
Screamed “Thief! Thief!” and our poor hero was convicted of trespass and thievery

He got beaten up fairly bad
Was isolated, and spent two years in a jail sad
Matters not, our hero was yet determined
To achieve his goal, so he even more strived

This time as he flew across the sky
Saw the King’s son and his drowning in a pond by and by
Swooped in he to save the boy
But the poor cat died, ahoy!

The little chap ran to his papa in a fright,
Our hero was not just accused of spying and kidnapping the prince, but killing the cat outright!
Not only were all his lands confiscated,
He was suffocated under water for two hours straight!

But of such great spirit was our hero made
Even not under such magnanimous weight did he crack
He got wind of a bomb planted in a primary school
Barged right in to right the wrong, in my opinion much like a fool.

As he quietly defused the bomb and buried the remains underground
His cape brushed against the dry leaves and rocks and set fire to the school ground!
All the school authorities blocked him from all sides
This time our hero was to punished for arson and terrorist acts!

All his kinsfolk were mercilessly decapacitated
He himself was almost beheaded
But the King at last decided that he did not have so much time to spend on him
And sent him to the forest in exile instead!

Now brimming with anger, our hero sitting under a tree thought
“What good has good brought me, instead of wrongful accusations and punishment?
If the good side is does agree with me,
Why don’t I try its opposite instead?”

So our hero planned for years in secret
And fashioned a chainsaw quite sharp and heavy in weight
Suddenly he burst forth one day
And hacked everyone and everything to death!

And as he finally sat basking in the light of his accomplishment,
Thus my friends, was born in this world the very first villain.


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