Read Poem: Counting Stripes With Moonlight Whispers, by Bridget Pervalle

Two hearts instantly sealed airtight together

One worried about revealing pain and tiger stripes

The other said they’re stories of your beautiful life

One fell deep asleep worrying embarrassed

The other slid in closer gently pulling back the sheets

Admiring elongated curves in the moonlight

The moonlight reflected brightly on the bed

Moved one hand across those hips and thighs

Surveying the beauty of one’s nakedness

The other moved a pointy finger following a stripe

Whispered it’s okay just pregnancy weight

The other’s fingertip journeyed to the belly button

Whispered, it’s okay it’s stress from binge eating

Whispered, don’t worry let me be your fitness partner

Whispered, nurture lovely things in your mind

Whispered, build up confidence shrink the fear

Whispered, fear you’ve carried like a pregnancy far too long

Whispered, your abusers are gone take a breather

Whispered, let me be your comfort mountain valley sea

Whispered, I’ll never cause you pain or mistreat you

Whispered, allow me to commune with words and deeds

Whispered, let me love you boldly publicly not ashamed

Whispered, your timeline prepared you to journey closer to me

Whispered, a picture speaks thousands of words

Whispered, let me love with the one you’ve always deserved

Whispered, I’ll wait here counting your stripes by the moonlight

Whispered, remember you’re beautiful a goddess

Whispered, I embrace every story that makes you, you

Whispered, now wake up my love believing it too


Author: poetryfest

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