Read Poem: A Light Dark Journey, by TJ Mancini

The crystalline pendulum vaults in its quotidian indifference as

the frog swollen with ego, a cajoling Chimera in apparitional


Beckons the bedeviled and searching Komodo Dragon and the Kaleidoscopic Salamander to

Follow along the phantasmagorical path to the kingdom of jewels and


A three-day trek through the muck and mire of a philosophic

Expedition through the Mountains of Surreality

Our pioneers find themselves paralyzed deep in the vortex of melancholy

Strangled by the tentacle bowels of confusion

Oh, high frog what happened?

Did your sidereal cartographers miscalculate?

Are you a weak servant of mortal suffering?

You incredulous dwarf nestled under an umbrella in a fountain of

Purple medicine “We only sought to follow the chameleon

Over the rainbow, we saw him run past but so quickly

We lost his trail in the fleeting gleam of a porcelain fog

Under the night sun

Now we must return to the cavernous gnomes to study pataphysics

And the incomprehensible blueprints of the Lemurian Architects.


TJ Mancini

(from my collection ‘A Handful of Leaves: Poems and Anti-Poems’)


Author: poetryfest

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