Read Poem: A madwoman, by Allabhya Ghosh

The milky breasts are trying to get out of the blouse’s torn.
In the corner of the footpath;like a bloody red chicken;
wrap up by the bowel batches;into the blood flowing dust;
the human embryo is breathing.In the crowd;
people are watching this scene on the way;like a popular cinema.
The crazy woman is trying to get up on a large scale on two hands.
But she’s falling down again and again.
Due to delivery; there is a lot of bleeding.

With so many bloodshed;freedom did not comes in this country.

In a distance;a journalist is looking at the camera angle
to present the story in a newsletter.Traffic police busy
to move the crowd.The red signal minister will go from
this road for election campaign.By getting reports of maternal
dementia; Some people have come from a Christian missionary.
Somebody of these are the title holders of Saint from Vatican City.
From the poor country;the demand of the newborn is very much abroad.
They donate fat thick donations.It was a few days earlier;
like mouse kids,had ready to run the newborn babies of kolkata;
The police rescued them from the nursing home.
Gloves in hand face with mask; like the detective; social workers
are moving forward towards the madwoman.Public eyelids are not falling.

-Who has made pregnant this crazy woman?
– opposition.

When the red signal and siren have closed;
The minister whisperly said on the ears of his intimate police.
– Make a good inquiry!
The prostitutes of this country’s politics;to get publicity;
let’s raise his mother in line.

In the hands of opposition cadres; rape of the madwoman.Hot cakes.
Before the judgment of the coat; the vote will be end.

The opposition has also participated in this event with their teams.
A group of opposition; found a caste of the crazy woman.
They’re calling the madwoman ;”Sita Maiya”.
No Ravana is not a rapist; the arrow is towards Muhammad.
And another group of opposition;does not want to get religion votes.
They are very worried about the safety of girls;after losing political power.
For the failure of the government;when the field is shaking by blowing
flags with slogans;before handling the situation by the police;
frenzy woman suddenly threw some spit on the face of constitutional agents.

Like acid;there is no toxicity in the thunder’s hatred.Teeth, face, nose-eye
did not fall off.Drought has not been burnt the dirty democracy and Sovereignty of this country. Some wants to kick on the abdomen of the frenzy woman.

But they are scared.

In the crowd of curious people;how many human tender; the entire scenario
is being captured on mobile.In the evening sitting in the media;
Feminists and humanists will be discussed about human rights of many cultivated.
After returning home;the intellectuals would like to tasting their women’s body
on the bed.They don’t like any excuse of menses.Somebody of their favorite women;
Whenever reaches the police station against the husband;like childhood vaccine spot;
the intellectual’s favorite band cigarette stamps are found on the whole body of
that woman.

Not to criticize.
Just pushing the crowd of trams, bus and procession;return at home;
Indian women count nails census on her breasts.

The madwoman shouted again;
– “Showing love for sexual desire!”

Some people laugh with hidden teeth.Some people are exchanging views.
Like a dog; the crazy woman caught by the trap of a rope.
After injection on her hip; she fell asleep.
For the purpose of civilized society;no one understood the meaning
of his unholy word!

I do not know that today’s children will be living?
From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, all over India; I am feeling her as India’s mother.
Without she; all of us are sick .


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