Read Poem: So Cold This River, by Malissia Woodall

So cold
the river below
as I stand here on the edge of my death

mesmerized by the splash of my shoe
as it hits the water
exposing my polished toes
and the air reveals my breath

it won’t be long now
I won’t have to wait

just like that stiletto
I’ve sealed my fate

a chill blows through me,
my skin braces for the pain
entering that frigid water
will most certainly bring

One million ice shards
greeting my skin

I let this silk dress
slip down my body
to pool at my feet

for all of the warmth
it was not providing me

to stand here naked
for no one to see

the river is cold and wide
and wild and deep

these remnants
will be all of what’s left of me.

lips red as wind burnt skin
eyes blue as the frozen misery I’m in

I free the last of me held captive;
soft, flaxen hair
now dancing on the breeze

Arms wide open
with a smile
I breathe…

the distant sirens and voices
holding no sway

I step forward


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