Read Poem: Stargazed Yearning, by Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman

I look out towards the stars,
Somewhere out there is you…
I’ve been waiting for your message.
Did you get mine?

I look upwards towards the stars,
You’re out there somewhere….
I’m still waiting to receive your message.
Didn’t you get mine?

I gaze upon the stars, skyward,
Hello? Are you still out there?
Is the transmission bad?
Are you receiving?
I’m still waiting!
I miss you!

It’s been 1,000 orbital planetary years,
I Continue waiting for you,
I’m still safe on the planet you left me on….
Steadfast & yearning,
I’m waiting every day,
To see you again….
Please return soon!

I search the starry skies,
Somewhere out there,
-please be out there!
Are you there?
Can you hear me?
I’m still waiting!
I miss you!
I keep waiting for you!
I gaze upward towards the stars,
Hello? Are you still out there?
Are you receiving?
Hello? Hello?
-Oh! The signal is bad!
I miss you.
I want you to know…
-that I still love you….
Are you there????


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