Read Poem: Costumes I Wear, by Danny

The other day a guy said I should go to Hollywood boulevard and be Chucky

Wear a costume exploit my humanity with rude vanity just for money, is that funny?

Or were you being serious, I get delirious hearing this from the same old dummies

And you wonder why I don’t say proud to be an American or put the o in Cuntry

I’m compartmentalized; categorized, stigmatized but am I a human in your eyes

A butt of the joke to get by, like an Ewok, even though I have more force than a jedi,

Don’t call me Tyrion cause I’ve already won the game to this throne for I set sights

On putting humanity before race, gender, religion, physicality as I create infinite heights

Now let me lower my shield and sword and say your insults and jabs make me bored

Those calling me midget are conservatives and those calling me little person are liberals

I’m no little person let’s not take that literal, more than just what you see in the physical

As I tower over midgets not just in the physical but in the spiritual, ethereal and remedial

My vantage makes me add an advantage candid how I deal with madness on this planet

Sadness soaks the canvas, I feel damaged and completely stranded then I lose attachment

Of these labels I get branded and make my personality and smarts create an expansion

For I’m a whole number not a fraction I’m not a one-story apartment I’m a mansion

So I ask what do you think when you see me? Will you be demeaning or see my being?

If you can see my conscious streaming let’s team up to make real what we’re dreaming

Where we can look past material and wealth in order to see our thoughts and feelings

Cause after a while let’s strip away these labels and see how having love is the real thing

Now my confidence is higher than smoking a five gram blunt I’ve straightened my hunch

And no longer give a fuck cause when it comes to conforming to society I’ve been done

Since before I begun before I turned one when I was just an egg and cum a conception

Now I’m here to look past hot and cold right and left this versus that to see progression

I’m taking this one-way street on a high road no longer looking to cause pain to my soul

Make these verses be my bible for when I step out into this world it’s like I’m in a recital

With all eyes on me but rather than projecting negativity when I see people I smile more

No matter what I get dished in life I do best to not reciprocate vile slurs but be the kinder

I made my body my home, my temple, my sanctuary I meditate in finding my true bliss

I pursue with keys that unlock my full potential and close the door on society’s rudeness

I have no time putting on costumes from people who think they know me but are clueless

I go with those that don’t spew pollution but see the only costume I wear daily is human.

Author: poetryfest

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