Read Poem: DESPERATION, by Maria Stelmach 

I am lying inertly,
My limbs thin as paper,
If only the wind could bear them,
Take them far there, where I will not be a character from clay anymore,
Rut, stupid and very naive.
In which world I believed that he could deceive me.
If I just threw myself into the fire, burning, hot,
So pleasant, extremely warm.
Ah, if this warm body poured out,
It washed the trouble, cleaned the soul of memories.
Ah, if this fire burned my memory,
He will seal with the iron seal the gate of stupidity.
I sit in my cave, humiliated, defenseless, died.
In the wild agony
Death is already reaching me so close,
I scream, I cry
I scream “Come here!”
Through the clenched teeth, anger and powerlessness go.
There is almost death here, right there,
Only the door of my body and soul will open and she will enter.
However, she is so stupid or too conceited, seeing me,
She looks with contempt, snorts at me
on my inert body,
She looks and shouting in my eye “I won’t come”
And laughter she spreads cruel,
Horrible as child’s squeak.
So sweet that I would like to give myself up,
Just like a coward to escape.
To dismiss my suffering and not be.
So as not to last in this cruelty,
to not live than live painfully

Author: poetryfest

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