Read Poem: WHEN I WAS JUST A CHILD, by Andrew Spear

Years ago, when I was so much younger.
Life seemed to me to be an easy thing.
To wake and eat and play,
Then snuggle back in bed.
And I was happy all those days,
When I was just a child.

Then I left school and things got complicated.
No longer could I only wake and play.
Though I still felt the same,
I couldn’t play those games.
And people told me all the time,
That I was not a child.

It wasn’t long till love came to control me.
A pretty girl with raven eyes and hair.
And not long after that,
A family of my own.
A boy and girl were here to raise,
And I was now a man.

My life has changed, of that there’s no denying.
My children laugh playing games I used to play.
And as I sit and watch,
Those memories they return.
Of how I felt so long ago,
When I was just a child.

Is it wrong to long for one’s lost childhood?
A Peter Pan, I guess I wish to be.
But I know in my heart,
That I shall never be,
The little boy of long ago,
For I am not a child.

Each year my children grow a little older.
Their child-like features fade each passing year.
I hope I leave for them,
Happy memories that never fade.
And they can smile remembering,
When they were just a child.


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