Read Poem by ONE LAST TIME Audrèi Grey-Réz

I wonder if time could stop
So, I can hold your hand one last time
See that smile you gave that didn’t cost a dime
To feel the warmth from your hug
Over and over
That gave me a similar feeling of a clover

Your love will forever be timeless
These days since you been gone have been lifeless
6 years, 72 months, 315 weeks, 2203 days
And it seems time continue to count away
Drifting by day by day
I often wish I could get one more chance just to hear you say my name

Your presence was divine
Even close to wine
I never felt harm by you
Only comfort and safety that bind me to you
Hummingbirds remind me of you
The joy and happiness you brought to life
Now poisoned by the one who took your life

I wonder if time could stop
So, I could see your face one last time
To make those jokes and laugh until the sunrise
I’d still go to war for you even in the afterlife

You’re not here anymore
So I learned to cope
But now I know what love really is
So I could never go broke

If only I could have one last time
One last time with the love of my life
One last time would be alright
One Last Time


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