Read Poem by Joshua Bowman

I was born in the untamed keokea of kohala with the flow of fresh water and faces with the north star upon the unknown space and time that let me cry till I was held in warmth of my waimanu mama through the night of moons smile dancing with the stars as I tune myself to mamas heartbeat the drum that lulls me to sleep.

The next day as the sun and ocean greets us with a frothy reach to snatch me as one of its many tax claims. Trying for me the maw of the sea hungry for my fragile day old bones and flesh I sing to reach the valleys where monks dwell in peace. Which reach my tough mama not willing to let me cry in vain she fights with the maw as the sea tries to grasp me within the watery jaws she kicks and flips till she reaches the safe channel with a tear on land and sea on the tee of life’s rebirth saving us both. So keokea could get to know these unknown stones and the shoal that keeps us safe even a forgotten slippery slip of play as keokea sips on knowledge and mamas rich milk for those precious six weeks while we sip the joy of watching keokea evolve and grow to be just as tough as his waimanu surfing mama of the deepest valley. We see the depth of her love willing to send his uncles to coax keokea along and help him as she returned not the norm.

Now keokea has left to go beyond the shoal as I came to see their home this gloomy day after enjoying a swim I saw mama return with a few punks mocking her call for her child even saying – go home this is our beach – so she stood with strength and grace arching back toward them and rolled over to show no fear but love and kept calling. Decoded by this crab I met he said that she is calling for a return of love for all life in the sea the land and in us so she slips back into the depths of darkness still calling so all will know how to shoal love. Even to all those volunteers and humble stones who have a seal of approval by me and my crabby friend.


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