Read Poem: THE HUNGRY HAMSTER WHO ATE THE MOON, by Lauren Clithero & Jacob Fretwell

The hungry hamster who ate the moon,
Startedo ff by eating a spoon.

Ever so hungry he started to cry.
To cheer himself up,

He baked a pie.

Loving the pie he made five more,
He swallowed one whole,

Followed by four!

This hungry hamster is getting quite fat,
Oh no!

He’s eating a cat!

He ate a cat and munched on a horse,
Is he still hungry?

Yes, of course!

The biggest hamster ever to be,
He still looks hungry!

He might eat me!

He Gobbled me up and spat me back out,
He’s too full,

Oh no! Watch out!

He’s taken off and going to the moon,
Hey look!

There’s that spoon!

Landing safely on his feet,
The moon looks tasty,

It’s ready to eat!

Two years later,
only half way through,
Oh golly gosh,

He needs a poo!


Author: poetryfest

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