Read Poem: THE TREASURE, by Hannes Grove

What’s that mysterious treasure that you are solely seeking?
Specifically the one that consumes your self-centred being
Desires, affections, humankind praising you as king?
That one priceless score that your whole DNA intensely are desiring
The way your IQ goes berserk when you have this island fling

Can you touch this treasure that your eyes constantly desire?
Hidden secret worlds that flames with forbidden deadly fires
Given away to indulge by the tracking trace of your tyre
Unstoppable hidden secrets within, even if the FBI got you wired
It’s not just the girls in vampire diaries who desperately cried
Some treasures kill like wolfsbane without a trace of asking why

Did you find your costly treasure my dear friend?
Or did the mountain ash stop you before the beginning end?
Did time move on without you, costly your life spent
Was this worth it? Or just another tiktok trend?
Couldn’t you adjust gravity or crush the time line always unbent
Why seek artificial treasure when the unsearchable one is already sent

Hannes Grove

Genre is a mixture of inspirational; social; romantic; spiritual; political; humanitarian; philosophical and theological


Author: poetryfest

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